Art Queen

The legendary Art Queen located in Downtown Joshua Tree will be run by AHA Projects. 

AHA’s mission to support the creator will manifest at this property by providing affordable retail space that brings the creators’ talents in front of a burgeoning audience. Allowing arts & culture to thrive on this corner gives artists an opportunity to access the economy growing in their community.  

By moving this land from the commercial sector to the nonprofit sector we protect it from being overly developed – retaining the artistic culture in our community. 


Art Queen will utilize the property to bring together artists, art organizations and art businesses to create a robust arts and culture community that interfaces with the local community and tourists to uplift local artisanal businesses and commerce for all. We hope to create a space that provides the following activities:

Provide affordable space for:

  • Affordable retail spaces for artisan wares
  • Studio space with or without front facing retail
  • DIY space
  • Performances / Music
  • Workshops
  • Convening of Community Events
  • Resource Sharing
  • Educational and Demonstration Area