Current Projects

AHA’s current projects are where we support each of our nonprofits specific objectives, scopes, timelines, and allocated resources.  We help them focus on putting energy into their mission instead of the headache of running the day to day.


Mojaveland, in 29 Palms, CA Currently under construction until fall 2024. Mojaveland is an artist-designed miniature golf course. Also offering private, outdoor, mobile pop-up events.

Hi Desert Artists

Hi Desert Artists is a group of artists who are creating dynamic space in Yucca Valley to support artists and creators from around the community. 


Desert Trumpet

Reporting on and covering the city government in Twentynine Palms, CA

The Residency

A platform aimed at supporting and sponsoring underrepresented artists, centred around time away from their usual routines at various appropriate spaces.

Studio Allegra

A commitment to preserving the purity of artistic expression, reminiscent of a time when creativity and beauty were revered as essential conduits of knowledge.